Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Salutation Nation!

Last weekend me and Mya went to the Duke Gardens for LuLuLemon's Salutation Nation.  All over the united states LuLuLemon was giving back to the community in this hour long Yoga practice. We had such a great time, from the beauty of our surroundings the wonderful people around us.  Just laying back on our mats and looking up the sky and taking it all in.  In Savasana this was my time to pray and have my one on one time with God, what a glorious time.

Posture of the Month...

Side Arm Balance (Vasisthasana)
  • Basically balancing on your right hand and right knee with your left foot squeezing the floor (optional: straighten right leg also)
  • Try and have a straight line from your right hand to right knee to right foot to left foot
  • Press firmly through your right arm creating space in right shoulder joint (so there is not too much compression in shoulder joint)
  • Extend left arm straight up towards the sky above right arm to your own comfortable degree
  • Allow left arm, shoulder and chest to open while always keeping your chest lengthening away from your left foot squeezing the floor
  • Option: use towel as padding for knee, if necessary