Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eating right before and after exercising!!!

Time it right: Before, during and after your workout

Eating too much before exercising can cause you to feel sluggish or have an upset stomach, cramping and diarrhea. That's because your muscles and your digestive system are competing with each other for energy resources. On the flip side, not eating before you exercise can be just as bad. Low blood sugar levels that result from not eating can make you feel weak, faint or tired, and your mental abilities may be affected as well, making you slower to react.

Many times I have gone running on just coffee...DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!! So now I time it right where I have enough time to eat a yogurt or piece of toast about an hour before my workout plus water and I feel great. Almonds are always a great source of energy..but keep it to about (10) 30 mins before your workout.

Be sure to have a recovery drink within an hour of your workout as well. This helps with muscle recovery and less stains and pain the next day.

Day 21...

Day 21 of P90X

Today is KenpoX...good workout of kickboxing. There are times I am more coordinated then others, my mind is thinking one thing and my body/arms are doing something else. Thank God no one is videoing it, it could be used against me on YouTube....lol

Have a blessed day, my your day be filled with Gods grace and glory.

Burn Baby Burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muscle Burns Fat yes it is true...

The best way to increase your metabolism is by adding lean muscle tissue through strength training. Why? Because MUSCLE BURNS FAT! Simply put, muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, even when you’re at rest.

1. Strength/Resistance Training
Make it a goal to include strength/resistance training in your workout routine at least 2-3x/week. Strength training includes lifting weights, doing exercises with resistance bands, yoga, Pilates, push-ups, crunches, etc.

2. Add Resistance to Cardio
You can multi-task and add resistance to your cardio, kickboxing, or aerobic exercise of choice, by adding weighted gloves or ankle weights (careful here). As long as you use proper form to avoid injury, adding weights not only intensifies the cardiovascular and metabolic effects of aerobic exercise, but has the added benefit of increasing lean muscle at the same time!

3. Push Muscles to Failure in 8-10 reps
The latest research shows that the most effective way to increase lean muscle tissue is by lifting heavy and pushing the muscles to failure in 8-10 reps. This means that as your muscle grows and changes, you need to continually monitor your progress and adjust your weights accordingly. The stronger you get, the more weight it will take to get you to failure in 8-10 reps. Track and monitor your workouts, and continually adjust your weights for maximum results.

Girls don't worry about getting to bulky...we don't have the same hormones as the men..unless your on Roids you will be fine.

Monday, September 28, 2009

So Far!!!!!!!!!!!

Well day 19 of P90X and loving it...I thought I would get bored with the workouts but it is awesome. Is it easy to do everyday..not always, but when we are done (doing with my best friend my husband) it is awesome. I have seen results already in the way my pants fit. They say you don't something for 21 days and it becomes a habit...we even workout on days off which is only one. You kinda miss it if you don't workout that day.

I have been doing Yoga for over 7yrs now (took time off due to double foot surgery and some of those moves put alot of pressure on the toes) and the Yoga DVD that comes with the program is 1.5hrs..it's intense at times, but makes me realize how much I have missed Yoga in my life.

If you want to commit to something try P90X it is awesome..but you have to be willing to work hard. If your not up for that don't waist your money.

Great Workouts!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't have alot of time, and your not on a program, go to this site you will find some killer workouts you can do at home or outside.


FEED YOUR BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this sounds completely contradictory to what you have told yourself, but in order to lose weight and get fit you HAVE to eat!! Your body was meant to maintain a healthy weight all by itself!!! You just have to send it the right signals!!

Some people drastically cut back in calories and think they're going to successfully lose weight and keep it off! This is the FARTHEST THING FROM THE TRUTH!! The weight you do end up losing is going to be primarily muscle because you are sending a signal to your body that you are starving yourself, therefore, it will hold on to as much fat as it can to protect itself. Your body starts shutting itself down (your metabolism slows to save energy) and you will not have enough energy to get through your day. Your body will not be able to properly perform its most basic daily functions. And then once you get "skinny" and start eating again your body will store what you're consuming as oppose to use it which is why you gain the weight back, often along with a couple extra pounds. This cycle is destructive!!

A person who is physically active should ALWAYS consume AT LEAST 1200 calories (men, you may want to add 200-300 extra calories), ideally in 2-3 hours increments. Unfortunately men get to eat more food than us women because their bodies contain much higher levels of testosterone and their metabolisms are generally higher. Here is a formula you can use to get a good idea of what you should be eating based on your personal stats:

In order to lose a pound a week you need to have a calorie deficit of 3500. That's a 500/day deficit by either eating 500 less calories, or burning 500 calories through exercise.

Calculate your resting metabolic rate (RMR): your body weight x 10= RMR
Calculate your daily activity burn (DAB): RMR x 20%=DAB
Calculate your daily caloric rate (DCR): DAB + RMR=DCR
Subtract 500 Calories a day: DCR-500=Total calories you should be eating per day to lose 1 lb./week

So here's an example for a 150 lb. person:
150 x 10=1500
1500 x .20=300
1500 + 300=1800
1800 - 500 = 1300 calories a day

But keep in mind that's only a starting point! As you start becoming more fit you will need to eat more food in order to supply your body with enough fuel to make progress and give yourself energy! For example...when I first started eating to get fit I ate 1200 calories but now I eat approximately 1800-2000 calories a day! And I eat every 2-3 hours to keep my body's metabolism up! The more fit you are, the less your body will store calories as fat!!! You will be sending your body the signal that it needs to use those calories!