Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chicken McNasty!!!!!

Yesterday I read an article about how Chicken McNuggets are made. They also provided the lovely picture above and, needless to say, I was emphatically grossed out. Now, we always joke about what could possibly be contained in a Chicken McNugget (or any fast food item for that matter) and, laughing, continue to shovel it in. However, it's really not a joke. It's serious business when it comes to your health! So let's break it down.
Here's how the process goes, people. A WHOLE chicken (guts...bones...the entire works!) is mechanically smashed into tiny bits and pieces and smoothed out into a pretty pink goopy substance. This, by the way, is how a good portion of all your fave fast food items begin being processed before they get transformed into the illusion of food. They'll let you eat this junk, but before they do, they so kindly remove the bacteria from the chicken by soaking it in ammonia. How sweet. Then to make it taste fairly good and look fairly appealing they add a load of artificial flavors and colors before it gets the chance to swim around in your belly. Bon apetit, huh?

It also blows my mind the way they donate part of every Happy Meal to the Ronald McDonald charity. Kill kids to help kids just doesn't add up in my book, but that's a whole other topic of discussion.
This stuff is not food, people! Do you feel remarkably tired most of the time? Do feel like you don't have the energy to play with your kids, take care of your family, or effectively perform in your career? Do you get sick often? Fast food could be the culprit...or any unnecessary processed food...period! This includes a good chunk of what's being sold in the middle aisles of the grocery store, as well.

Your body just DOES NOT know what to do with this foreign JUNK. None of the ingredients in these products can be broken down in a way where your body uses them for energy, proper organ function, or fat burning. It basically ends up sitting in your system as fat and infecting your body with chemicals.

Need to be grossed out further? Check out the evolution of a burger and fries over 137 days. That should clinch it for ya'. Click here.

Now I know we're not perfect all the time, but bottom line...stay away from this stuff! I really care about you and your health and want you feeling good and functioning at your best.

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